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Contact Beyond Contact will return Summer of 2023) "This incredible modality created by the wonderful @vanlegakis @unity_space is one of the most potent healing modalities I have experienced. It is a dance improvisation practice combining multiple somatic movement, dance, energetic, personal development and interpersonal relating techniques. It centres around holding a safe space with conscious boundaries in which all can move, integrate, transform, express, release and connect freely. It combines #contactimprovisation, authentic and free form movement, and partner work with chi gong, mindfulness, yoga and breathwork. Amongst others. We explore #interpersonalrelating and our own behavioural patterns and conditioning through feeling what comes up in our body as we move with another. We explore the principles of leading and following, our yes’s and no’s, core integrity, subtle energy communication, body language, earthing through and affirmative force. The dance floor becomes a #mirror for our inner worlds, as our bodies do not lie. I personally was able to access, process, integrate and relearn deep behavioural and emotional patterns and conditioning in a few sessions of this movement and #somaticpractice. Stuff that would have taken me years to uncover and work through with a talk based therapy! That’s a lot of words, to really just say it’s definitely worth being curious about and trying for yourself 🙏🏽🧡" $33 for Drop In $111 discount for 4 week series

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