The heartbeat of topanga

Experience an eclectic mix of multicultural living master artists, poets, musicians, dancers, and performers who dedicate their every breath to their extraordinary creative offerings. Oral storytelling, cultural dance performances and classes preserve tradition and meaning, keeping alive wisdom, connecting us to nature and our (true) nature.

Founded in 2015, Corazon was created as a purpose-driven, not profit-focused space. It is an honorarium.

Outside of our performance nights, we also provide classes & offerings that include somatic movement, poetry, life drawing, folk herbalism, chair yoga for individuals with limited mobility, UNjams, and solution-based communing. Our All Ages Young Musicians focus supports a safe & sober space full of new and exciting events and experiences for humans of all ages.

upcoming offerings

current classes & workshops

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legacy & living lineage

Corazón was started in homage to founder Giovanna Brandi’s mother, Gioia Tama, a flamenco dancer, folk herbalist, textile sculptress, and singer/songwriter who gave her life in support of the arts. Gio’s father John Brandi, open-roader and eternally compassionate mischief maker, carries on the family lineage today through poetry, art and social uplift .

memories from CorazoN: Martin Shaw's Scatterlings