Hieronymous Bogs

“It’s refreshing when an artist can embrace his own nakedness. Hieronymus Bogs does this fearlessly.” —Ben Stephanus, WithGuitar

Hieronymus Bogs’s eclectic blend of orchestral folk, spoken word, and performance art nearly evades traditional classification altogether. During one of his intimate performances, you might find the bearded Bogs kneeling penitently, singing, “Lovers, don’t get trapped by illusion,” or someplace offstage beseeching his audience to enter “this half imagined portal.” It’s musical art that’s both unconventional and surprisingly embraceable. Evoking an ancient crooner, Bogs’s voice sits comfortably between Roy Orbison and Scott Walker, with hints of Antony and the Johnsons’s theatricality. Commandingly fusing mystically inspired lyricism and delicately stark instrumentation, his songs set emotions free in an almost hypnotic way. From optimism’s peaks to regret’s chilling depths, his music cycles through potent moods and descriptive imagery, conjuring cinematic landscapes where beggars are clothed, ruins are rebuilt, and beautiful losers waltz through existence.

  Bogs’s extensive catalog and tireless touring has popularized his unique songcraft and performance style throughout New York and its surrounding areas. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Bogs now resides in Truth or Consequences, NM, a fine muse for his spare poetic aesthetic.   More praise for Hieronymus Bogs: “Bogs’s latest album follows a path of gentle mysticism that ought to strengthen his reputation as an accomplished songwriter.” —Roman Divezur (City Newspaper, May 5, 2017)   “For the uninitiated, the man is as unique as they come.”

—Ronald Walczyk (Buffablog, June 27, 2017)