Axon Orkestra

Axon Orkestra > Nomadic chamber punk < a sonic boom of ripping grooves and soaring strings, rooted in its members musical journeys and adventures around the world. Sonic stories and sonorities collide in this eclectic off-the-beaten-path musical mix, merging urban and village music styles, percussive strings and irresistible rhythms into both original music and reworking of regional classics.

At its core is a trio of violin, guitar and bass, combining decades of deeply rooted experience in musical communities across Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Ethiopia, and France.

Their sound is beyond just a blend of these regions… Axon was born out of a bouquet of late night serenades, after the official gig, to small densely packed rooms of friends, community and artists, sharing songs and exploring styles from their travels, in search of that particular night’s soundtrack. From this emerge the peaks and valleys of Axon’s cinematic and adventurous sound; it’s freedom to improvise between the nuance of bowed strings and galloping rhythms, bold harmony and ancient modes. Formed in 2016 in Los Angeles, California, Axon Okrestra takes its name from this interwoven web of bands, friendships and music scenes out of which it emerged.

Axon Orkestra is Violinist Fabrice You (of FishTank Ensemble); Guitar Dusty Brough; Bassist Miles Jay, (Youssou N’dour, Nile Project), + Saxophonist Paul Bertin + Tupan player Marco Peris (Inspector GADJE) + Mandolinist Eva Scow (David Grisman, Edgar Meyer, Willie Nelson).

Travel down the Danube River, through Eastern Europe and the Balkans into the Black Sea. Drift through the Bosphorus, across the Mediterranean and up the Nile River all the way up to the Ethiopian Highlands. All along the way your boat is loaded with a lively crew of new and old friends, the kitchen is popping out all the local flavors, and there is this band rocking all night dance parties and sunrise serenades, Axon Orkestra.