Rock and Roll Ballet

Rock & Roll Ballet themed class that will start at the bar.  Wait, not that bar… but that barre.  We will learn basic ballet techniques, then take that out to the dance floor and modernize the movement. Rock and Roll Ballet for Non-Dancers MONDAY 6-7pm-- A floor-barre style class that addresses a dancer’s flexibility, fluidity and muscle tone, without all of the dancing.
Rock and Roll Ballet for Dancers MONDAY  7-8pm-- A mixed-level contemporary ballet class that moves to an eclectic playlist.
A safe, energetic environment with themed music classes full of Pilates-Core work, ballet barre and exercises, flexibility training and space to move freely. This is not a scary ballet class with lots of choreography, but more of a workout class that uses the vocabulary of dance! For more information on this upcoming class offering at Corazon in Topanga, contact Kristy at For now, please pay class facilitator directly at class.

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