Energy Cleansing Frequency Bath / Binaural Beats with Infinity

An Energy Cleansing Frequency Bath with Binaural Beats, Mantras, Breathwork & Sounds Recorded In Holy Sites & Sacred Environments Around the World. This daily meditation experience is rooted in ancient methods from Vedic, Sufi, and Zen traditions.

What to expect: These meditation sessions are offered in the form of Satsang (Vedic word meaning gathering together in search of truth). “beyond the busy streets of right and wrong there is a rose garden full of Love and ecstasy. I will meet you there.” - Sufi Saint Rumi Each session includes a guided and explained 30 to 45 minute meditation experience, and a 15 minute question and answer session where ancient wisdom will be explained & defined for modern understanding.   “Sitting silently doing nothing the rain comes and the grass grows” - Zen saying   Possible Benefits of meditation sessions may include:
  • Decreased mental/physical stress & tension
  • Increased blissfulness and joy of life
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased confidence and sense of purpose
  • Healing experiences
  • Increased life positive synchronicities
  • Deeper sense of connectedness with existence
  • Breakthrough experiences & “Aha!”moments
  Be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Custom eye masks will be provided to keep for those who would need them for $10. Make sure to set phones to silent, and please no calling or texting in class. No late entry. *Inquire for discounted monthly and yearly session voucher and Corazon Membership Discount

Class Info

Starts at: $33.00
Members Price: $18.00