Hannaneh Shahshahani

I come from the ancient land of Persia (Iran) known as the land of poetry, wisdom and the mother of Mysticism. I grew up traveling and exploring sacred sites all around the world, learning and sharing about the magic of life. Growing up, I studied music at a conservatory in Armenia and had a career as a child film star in Iran. My family roots are connected to music, Cinema and mysticism, as I grew up with Rumi’s teachings and the teachings of other great Mystics and Sufis. my family celebrated life by creating space for mystics and the lighthearted humans, to gather, conduct rituals, ceremonies of mystic teachings, poetry, Dance, Music.

My path has unfolded through Creating transformational journeys and experiences through Pray-forming, sound activation, creating retreats and ceremonies. I also believe Food is our Medicine, and i am passsionate to share that medicine through holistic and creative ways with the world.